323 Area Code: Location, Toll-Free, Scam, And Who’s Calling?

You pick up the phone and answer Hello only to hear silence on the other end, or maybe you hear some noise, but no one ever responds to your greeting. You’re left on hold, wondering what you should do. If this sounds familiar, it’s not just you – it happens all the time! Calls with this kind of disconnect happen so often that an area code was created specifically to show exactly when and where these nuisance calls originate. We’re talking about 323 area code location calls; they’re everywhere, and they can be very annoying!

323 Area Code Location

What is the 323 area code?

The 323 area code (or NPA) is a North American Numbering Plan telephone number original area code in California. This numbering plan area includes all or parts of Los Angeles County and several neighboring counties within central and southern California. While it covers a vast geographic region with more than 22 million residents as of 2010, it has an extremely high rate of growth – 46% from 2006 to July 2008 alone – due to oversaturation in both landline and wireless markets and the booming tech industry. Lying completely inside that growth zone is what we now call Los Angeles: West Hollywood, Downtown LA, and everything in between. That makes for some interesting questions about whether or not we need our area code at all.

Where are the numbers from?

Where Are The Numbers From

Numbering area codes from 323 area code location and 323 from Los Angeles should give you a hint that these are local numbers. But just because it’s local doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. If you see a number with 323 area code location in front of it on your caller I.D., what does that mean?

It could be legit, or it could be one of many scammers who will try to trick you into giving up some personal information over the phone. Here’s how to figure out which is which so you can make smarter decisions about whether or not to answer calls—and even whether or not to return them if they do ring through!

What numbers can I call for free within the United States (and Canada)?

Some numbers allow you to call landlines and cell phones without paying long-distance fees. These are known as toll-free area code numbers. For example, if you have a question about your car insurance, you can call your insurance company toll-free area code at 866-941-5863.

There may be a charge for calling toll-free area code numbers outside your local area code. Check with your phone company to see if there is a charge for calls to different area codes. You should also check on how much your phone company charges per minute when making these calls. Calls from payphones or hotel rooms often include hefty surcharges.

How much does it cost to call international numbers from the U.S.?

How Much Does It Cost To Call International Numbers From The Us

International phone calls are priced based on standard time and distance. The longer you talk, the further away your partner is from you, which generally equates to a higher price. However, there are ways around these costs if you know how international calling works—with toll-free numbers in particular. Instead of paying per minute (which can be upwards of $1/minute), toll-free numbers offer a flat upfront rate for a given amount of minutes, which then roll over at no extra charge as long as they aren’t used up that month.

Is there a charge to make international calls originating in the U.S.?

Call an international number from within a U.S. area code (even if it begins with 1). You will not be charged for that call because these are considered long-distance calls. So yes, there is no charge for using your cellular phone or landline to call an international number located in a U.S. primary area code. When calling internationally outside of your calling plan minutes or pay-per-use packages, there are only charges.

Can I get my money back if I haven’t been charged but don’t want to make an international call?

Yes, you can. AT&T says that if your number hasn’t been called, but you don’t want to make an international call, you can receive a full refund by contacting customer service at 888-280-3355. You will have to provide your name and phone number when you call in.

There are no activation fees or contracts on international plans; however, there is a $10 connection fee each time you use one of these services. This includes both incoming and outgoing calls. If you aren’t charged for making an international call after using it once, contact AT&T again to report it. You won’t be charged for subsequent uses as long as you never accept charges from another country’s wireless provider without calling in first for authorization.

What are some scams where I might see this number on my caller I.D.?

What Are Some Scams Where I Might See This Number On My Caller Id

You might see 323 area code scam calls on your caller I.D if you live in or near the largest city named Los Angeles. Yes, as strange as it sounds, there are two major cities in California named Los Angeles (one located north of L.A., and one located south central of L.A.). The code 323 area code is also used by both cities named Los Angeles; however, these numbers aren’t spammed calls.

So, what’s going on here? How can two different cities share a single area code? Aren’t there phone rules that prevent unusual call patterns like these from happening? Read below to learn more about 323 area code location—and why some (but not all) callers might be using them to hide their true identity.

Why am I getting these calls when my number is on the Do Not Call Registry?

In short, it’s illegal for companies to call your number unless you have permitted them to do so. To explain further… in 2003, all telemarketers were required by law to stop calling consumers who had registered their numbers on a national Do Not Call Registry. Many organizations did comply with these new rules, but, unfortunately for us (and fortunately for them), there are plenty of rogue businesses out there that continue to try and sell their products and services even though they’re technically breaking our nation’s laws.

If a company calls your cell phone or home phone and offers things you don’t want, don’t give in! Hang up. If it continues, contact local authorities about filing a complaint against both the business AND their call center for violating FCC regulations. It may seem like an impossible task to shut down every single entity not following these policies, but if enough people report issues – our world becomes just a little bit better place to live.

Please remember – if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Before giving any personal information to a caller, ask yourself why someone would make such an offer over the phone without having previously met you? Remember: Don’t ever under any circumstances provide ANY personal information, financial info, OR credit card details until YOU’VE conducted thorough research online and only after reading reviews from other users who’ve experienced what’s being offered.


The 323 area code covers a large swath of land, stretching from Santa Clarita in California to Boise, Idaho. It is common for businesses and charities in Los Angeles to use a 323 code phone number (especially those on an expensive toll-free plan). Still, numbers with 323 telephone area code are also being sold by telephone services offering dedicated lines for businesses and call centers.

Those with concerns about caller I.D. scams should be aware that fraudsters will sometimes spoof any or all digits of a local telephone number, so it shows up as unknown when you receive an incoming call; however, there have been no reported instances of 323 numbers being used for scam calls.

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